Systems: Homebuilt, New Build, Prebuilt, CyberPower etc.

Doesn't it seem somewhat redundant to have a Systems section in Hardware forums with Homebuilt, PreBuilt and CyberPower sub-categories
and then have a category in Electronics forums called Computer Brands with Compaq, Dell, Gateway, HP, etc., sub-categories.?
Or is there some other meaning to 'PreBuilt' and another reason to have CyberPower where it's located?

Should Computer Peripherals category be listed under Hardware instead of Electronics

(** not an accurate representation of locations in the forums - just some cut & paste action)

Computer Peripherals also has a sub-category called Digital Cameras which has it's own Electronics category.
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  1. I think the idea, is to eventually move Cyberpower down with the 'Computer Brands' section of the forum. However, with the current forum platform, it's not going to happen.

    The current restructuring that you're seeing, I believe, is the beginning of bigger things. With the current limited software, this is what's available. However, with future upgrades, things will likely be sorted out better.
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    That's the plan!

    As aford10 mentions though, the forum software has some constraints at the moment and it isn't feasible to move the branded subcategory to another supercategory until our platform upgrade.
  3. Is there going to be beta site test?
    (mandatory rhetorical question of course)
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  5. Can't say for certain yet. But will definitely keep the community informed about the upcoming transition. :)
  6. Are the whole set of Tom's forums going to get the upgrade, or just the US one? Just curious.
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