Windows won't boot but can't find the error?

Just bought;

i5 3570k
asrock extreme 4
kingston hyperx beast @24000mhz

After installing all the hardware when it comes to booting windows we get 2 seconds into the windows icon loading then a blue screen appears for like 2 seconds and then the pc reboots itself which doesn't give us enough time to determine what the error is. Tried unplugging the graphics card and using on board graphics and same thing still happens. We reinstalled windows off of another pc and still can't get it to boot.

any ideas why?
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  1. Try setting SATA to IDE on BIOS.
  2. We tried it, still doesn't boot :(
  3. What drives and what SATA ports using?
  4. Using a samsung 1tb 7200 rpm hdd and we've tried most of the sata ports on the mobo :(
  5. Is there a DVD drive connected, or can you try installing Windows from a USB stick?
  6. Their isn't a dvd drive connected could this be a problem? and ye i could try installing via usb
  7. No, no problem if no DVD drive. Try installing from a bootable USB stick.
  8. I took the dvd drive out of my pc and it turns out it works if we install windows on that machine :)
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