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I am putting together a new gaming rig and am looking for options for a new case to go with it. I have crawled over the Coolermaster, Antec, Silverstone, Thermaltake sites to look at their cases. I am not planning to overclock and will rarely go into my case for anything once it is built, I still want a nice case. I used the Silverstone Temjin TJ09 case for my last system and am planning to do so for this one as well, but thought I would ask if there is anything similar out there that I should consider. My general preferences for a case are:

Dims: About the same size profile as the TJ09: ~21"H x ~8.5"W x ~24"D plus or minus a few inches.
Material: Preferably aluminum. I am tired of wobbly and cheap SECC/plastic cases, but willing to look.
Color: Black
No front door which covers/protects the 5.25" bays.
Simple case. No need for clear windows/panels, lighting, mods, liquid cooling, etc.
No wild color schems or plastic molding designs.
Do not need handles; this is not a LAN party system.
Do not need wheels; not planning to move this system much or at all.
USB 3.0 front panel ports with motherboard header ends would be nice but not required. I do not want USB cables that go out the back of the case and connect to the rear panel ports.

I looked at the Thermaltake Level 10GT, which is an absolutely breathtaking case, but made of SECC and plastic and the videos I have seen show it to be as plastic-y and cheap as most others. Unfortunately, since it is such a fashion forward design (BMW-inspired, apparently), it costs more than the TJ09.

I really want something relatively simple, almost understated. Easy, clean, solid, and lots of space inside to work and route cables. Are these values just completely old-fashioned and ignored today?

Any suggestions would be welcomed. Otherwise, I can stick with the TJ09.

Thank you in advance for your time.
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    I standardized on Antec 900 cases back it was one of the few gaming cases around. Today I'd probably use the Corsair 650T:
  2. Hi JSC,

    I looked at the Ninehundred a few years ago and revisited it recently. Nice, but a bit more about style than substance. A bit more plastic and mesh than I am looking for. That being said, the Corsair 650D that you linked to actually looks really nice. Simple, clean, functional, and updated. I will definitely add that to my list of options under consideration. Thank you for that.
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  4. I looked thoroughly at the Corsair 650D, but decided to stick with the Silverstone TJ09. While I really liked the built in drive hot shoot concept, there were some basic issues I still was a little on the fence about. After a couple of weeks of fence sitting, I decided to go with what I know.
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