GTX 470 issues need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had my GTX 470 8 months now works fine but last week when i booted up n i tried play black ops i got artefacts so I restarted n the driver keeps crashing repeatedly uptill i get the blue screen with artefacts on it. i removed the driver and tried older versions as well as newer beta drivers and still nothing. i tried the card in another computer and it does the same, the driver crashes as soon as ur into windows but the card works fine with no driver installed i coudl browse the net and even play solitare but as soon as the driver is installed it keeps crashing as soon as windows boots up. if anyone ever experienced this or know a solution plz let me know
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  1. The solution is RMA! The card is gone bad!
  2. this is exactly what happened to me, just made a thread about it yesterday
  3. Definately take it back where you bought it, sorry to hear that , its what we all fear.
  4. I got the same problems IDK what to do if i play a game it goes all colored and then bluescreen but if i reboot it goes normale and i can just surf the web ... i dont have the money to buy a new card OMG.. :(
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