Upgrading advice??

Hey guys,

Asus m4785m board
AMD athlon ii x2 3ghz
3 gb of ddr2 ram (3 1 gb sticks+ empty slot)
Geforce 550 ti

SO basically Im not sure where to go next to get the biggest bang for my buck. I can barely run battlefield on this current rig, yet my friend running the same rig with a core 2 duo seems to work fine.

I am debating getting the AMD phenom x4 quad core cpu, but will i even really notice a difference?

Also, I know I need more ram, but Im running windows 7 32 bit. thanks guys
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  1. Phenom X4, and windows 64bit. The Core 2 Duo's are on par with the phenoms, but outperform the athlons.
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