i'm having a problem setting up a router for my computer and a new laptop and i need to know how to do it .
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  2. in general:

    find your manual where you find info like IP address, username and password

    then connect a pc via network cable, browse to the IP address, enter username and password to log in.

    configure the WAN/Internet side of the router if needed usually when using DSL.

    then configure your wireless security. I prefer using WPA2 as a wireless mode.
  3. Recently I was talking about router. I think a router distributes digital computer information that is contained in a database packet.Each data packet contains address information that the router can use to determine if the source and destination are on the same network, or if the data packet should be transferred from one network to another. This transfer to another network is achieved by encapsulating data with protocol header data specific network. When multiple routers are used in a large collection of networks, exchange of information on the target system address routers, so that each router can build a table showing the preferred path between two interconnected systems.
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