Chassis front-end USB cord doesn't seem to fit all the way in header.

As the topic says, I've pushed the front-end USB cord into one of four USB 2.0 header slots, and encountered far more resistance than with any other headers. I have indeed made sure that it is a proper header port as well.

Now, it's not like it won't go in at all, in fact, it is almost fully in. However, there is a small gap left, one that does not exist in any other of my header hook-ups. I'm wondering if I should either continue to try to force that sucker all the way in, or simply let the small gap be.

Does anyone think it will still function with such a gap?

Having access to the two front USB slots on my chassis would be quite nice, so I want to make sure that I don't screw up the cord by breaking it by forcing it too hard, or by having some electrical issue caused by the small gap, which is why I'm asking here.

Thank you to any who respond.

-First time PC builder.
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  1. If The USB Headers Work With The Gap I Woulnt Worry About It, Secure The Gap With Some Elmers Glue If Your Worried About It Coming Loose, Elmers Glue Is Easy To Remove, However DO NOT POWER ON THE MACHINE UNTIL THE GLUE IS DRY!!!!
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