I require a new CPU cooler (AM3)

Hey, so I need a new CPU Fan.

I've browsed extensive lists of CPU fans and found their RPM to be quite low compared to my stock cooler (Stock cooler reaches 5,000 rpm though sounds like a train).

My budget is about 40 pounds (UK) or about 65$.


- I don't mind if the fan is loud

- An L.E.D fan is good (blue/green)

- I've seen some fans that don't fit the AM3 socket to produce 80+ CFM , so I'd like to have at least that since I'm willing to pay more

- I live in the UK so no newegg or other Non-UK site links please!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Hello Unfath;

    What the CFM rating for that stock 5K rpm fan?
  2. Hey WR2,

    I haven't a clue, I've been looking for the specs myself.
    It came with the Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition, if that helps you in finding out the fan specs ^^
  3. Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler £24 82CFM @ 2000rpm and the option of adding a 2nd 120mm fan.

    Any restrictions on how big a cooler will fit in your case?
  4. You want just a fan? Or the entire assembly?

    This is probably the best Air cooler for your CPU


    Its pretty quiet too and well under budget. If you really want LEDS you can always swap the fan on it for an LED fan
  5. I wouldn't say there's a tight restriction on space no ^^

    I'm seeing 66.3 CFM and a max of 1.6k RPM on that link you gave

    I was thinking, perhaps;


    Though since I've never bought a replacement CPU fan, I'm just looking at the numbers.
  6. Ignore me go with wr2 i misread the air flow you wanted the 212 is only 25
  7. Im not sure why you want to spend so much though. The 212 is a firm favourite. People on here getting hefty OC's with it, myself included.
  8. For the sake of £10 more, does my previous link seem worth it?
  9. CM 212+ & V6 GT
    82 CFM and 93CFM confirmed
  10. The only reason you'd want to spend more is if the 212+ would max out on cooling capacity. I would suggest getting the 212+ Evo...and adding a 2nd fan if you ever reach the limit of it;s ability to keep your CPU cool.
  11. ahhh the site i was looking at only quoted lower number.

    Personally i would get the 212 thought the V6 does look utterly awesome
  12. Ahhhhhh........ seeing there is a EU version that does have a slower rpm.

    CM 212+ Evo website -
  13. I use that euro version though and I can say I have no temp problems even under heavy load.

    V6 does look awesome and he can afford it so you were right there I should have read his list properly before pipping in..... infact i now want one
  14. I have a lot of respect for the 212+ Evo design.
    You could add a 2nd fan and have something that should cool as good as the V6
  15. yes, i recently bought the 212 evo here http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103065, very cheap and i can vouch for the performance, before my phenom ii x4 970 be was oced to 3.9 and with the stock it would easily reach 62-64c in prime95, now with the hypo on, at oced to 4.1, i have trouble getting up to 50c im very happy with it, was kind of a pain to install but nothing a little patience and steady hand cant solve. and btw i have a medium case and it barely fits but it does and it doesnt obstruct my ram
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