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TA990FXE SATA HDD Detection Question

January 22, 2013 8:31:03 PM

Hello, I have just constructed a new desktop machine from all brand new parts which follow:

- Biostar TA990FXE
- AMD FX-8150 Black
- Nvidia GTX-680
- 4x8GB Corsair Vengeance
- 500GB WD Velociraptor
- HP dvd1260i SATA optical drive
- ULTRA 750W Power Supply

The whole thing starts up and runs with no issues, but the BIOS refuses to detect my hard drive or any other hard drive. I sent the following message to Biostar's E-Support people:

"I have just built my new machine using the parts described above; all are brand new from the box. The machine boots up and functions normally, but my WD5000HHTZ hard disk is not detected by the BIOS. My DVD drawer is detected, however. I have attempted every configuration of these devices in the SATA ports on the motherboard, including removing the DVD drawer altogether, but no matter where it is plugged in, the HDD will not show up. The power and data cables are secured and functional. I have also tested two different SeaGate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB HDDs (one new, one used) and a WD Caviar Green 1.5TB with a functional Win7 Home Premium 32-bit operating system installed on it, these all act the same way as my first drive, and the DVD drawer shows up regardless. Additionally, I have tried every available setting under the BIOS Setup > Chipset > South Bridge > SATA Configuration to no avail. It should be noted, though, that bootable media can detect whatever HDD is present, but indicates that the BIOS does not consider it a bootable drive.

What is the problem here?"

And recieved in response, "Have you tried using different SATA cables and/or different power cables?" After responding "Yes." I have waited eight days with no reply from them. Does anyone here have any ideas on how to solve this issue?