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My problem is that my internet cuts off for around 10 or so seconds (lose connection, reconnect and than lose connection again, than reconnect). This happens sometimes every 5 or so minutes. This started happening when my internet cut off for around a week, AT&T wouldn't come out unless we had their 2wire router (we order and connect it). The AT&T technician comes out and makes one of my wall Ethernet ports so it doesn't need a filter, he gets the internet working, but this problem started. I called AT&T about it and they did something and said they fixed it but it still happens. I have tried using 2 other netgear routers but for some reason they dont get a internet connection. The router I have is a 2wire 2701HG-B. Any help would be appreciated.
I also never lose connection to the router, the router just stops broadcasting the internet. This is now happening everytime I play a online game, I join a server and I lose internet.
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  1. Check the DHCP setting on the router--what's the lease time? And did this happen when plugged directly into a modem (or have you only had router combos)?
  2. This started happening when we switched from a Netgear router to the 2wire one, we have only used router combos. We have 6 devices that are connected to the router and it seems that whenever I use my computer or ipod touch the internet will drop. When I have my computer off it rarely happens. Could this be from a virus or something, or is it bandwith related? The DHCP lease time is 24 hours.
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