Value my computer

Hello, what value would you give me on my pc

Coolermaster Stacker 810
with two drive cages and 7 fans
600 watt power supply
Asus P5Q-E Motherboard
Intel Quad Core Q9450 CPU
Freezer 7 Pro CPU Cooler
8GB Corsair XMS2 6400 800MHz
Multicard Reader with Sim card reader
Multi DVD -W with Litescribe
16 USB Ports
Thermaltake Power Express 450 watts
2 x 2.5 500GB sata hard drives
2 x 3.5 1TB sata hard drives
1 x 3.5 750MB sata hard drive
1 x 3.5 500MB sata hard drive
1 x 3.5 400MB IDE hard drive
1 x 3.5 80GB sata hard drive
ATI Radeon HD3870 PCIe
WiFi Card
Silicon Image raid controller card PCI
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  1. Just curios, why do you have so many SATA drives that have such small capacity?
    Would kinda be cluttering up your case.

    Unfortunately, computer hardware doesn't age very well in price, so I would only pay up to $400-$500 (AUD) for your machine.

    It's not a bad rig.
  2. Yeah i agree 400 bucks sounds about right.
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