Fail to install ati display driver

Hello, I'm getting soma problem here. I recently reinstall ATI driver but it sometime get BSOD when it got to the part where it install ATI display driver, the screen go flicker for about 2 second then... POWW! BSOD showtime8-}. Today it install fine but when i opened the log file after install it said: ATI display driver Failed. All other component (such as Hydravision, CCC,...) install fine. Can someone help me? I'm using Windows 8(WDP)
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  1. Since Windows 8 is not fully developed I doubt the current drivers are ready for it.
  2. Thx for the help, but i figured it out. Use Driver Sweeper to remove the driver. Reboot. Install driver:D
  3. Please provide detail of your PC including PSU & OS
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