Hard time finding good compatible MB for CPU

Alright this is my second build first one went great this one is driving me crazy, found my ideal CPU which is AMD Athlon II X3 445 Rana 3.1GHz Socket AM3 95W, i have corsair 8GB(4x2) 1333 ddr3 ram, 500gb seagate, cd drive, 400watt p/s, diamond 1gb gddr5 video card, win7. Started out with a msi 880gm-e41 MoBo, worked for about a week but had hypertransport errors. Finally OS would not boot, messed with bios but couldn't get it to work.

Checked MSI site and i don't think MoBo is compatible with CPU. I am sending it back and looking for a new board. Found a lot of gigabyte boards that are compatible only a couple of asus and asrock.

Really want to find the right board to go along with the rest of my setup. Was looking at gigabyte or the asrock M3A770DE, biostar TA880GB+, TA870U3+, A870U3. Just some that i found that should work with my CPU.

Welcome to any comments about better setup or MoBo suggestions i dont overclock and will most likely be running Skyrim and music software so i dont need a ridiculous setup. Looking to top out at $120 for my budget.

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  1. That board looks really good, lots of options and plenty of room for upgrade down the road. The cpu fan and heatsink only has a 4 pin connector while the asrock has an 8 pin. Should i use an adapter or do you think i should get another cooler?
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