CPU Bottlenecking?

Note: I don't know where this thread belongs, I put it here because it was the most likely scenario.

I've been playing Battlefield 3 on a system with
E8400 Dual Core @ 3.0Ghz
4GB DDR2 800Mhz
2 x 9600GT
Specs seem a bit low, but I was able to play BF3 on lowest settings, lowest resolution(800x600) at about 40-50 FPS with no stuttering at all.

Now the thing is, I recent switched out my pair of 9600GTs for a single HD6870, which is supposedly able to run BF3 on ~Medium settings at 1080p. I switched to 1280x1024(native resolution) and ran everything on low, medium high - the fps was still ranging from 40-50. I assume that it was limited because of my CPU. I was fine with that. The thing is, after a single round, when the next round began(same map), I would get a half second stutter every couple of seconds which makes it impossible to play, I would see people teleport into position and me dying before I even see people.

I then tried everything to find out what was wrong, naturally, the CPU was maxing out at 90-100% when playing, but I figured since it always did that, even with my old video cards and I had flawless gameplay and the only lag I would get was from FPS dips. The physical memory while playing was at 70%, no biggie, the same as before I swapped. The only difference in my system was the new video card.

To further explain my "stuttering" while ingame, the FPS would sit around 45-50(doesn't matter what resolution) and every couple of seconds, when the screen would freeze, my fps would drop to about 10-20 before going back to normal. I really don't know what the problem is as sometimes I would get a couple of rounds off with smooth gameplay and sometimes it would bug up after one game. A really crude solution was to exit the game after every round and load up another server but sometimes even that doesn't work.

So the question is, what's the problem? Keep in mind, I'm trying not to get new components because in order to upgrade my CPU, I would have to upgrade my mobo and RAM.

Thanks in advance for those who are willing to read all of that. :D
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  1. Hi blitz,

    Please upgrade your motherboard which support DDR3 with Intel i5 processor and integrate 64-Bit OS (up-lift 4GB Limitation).
    But, please don't change your ATi HD 6870. That GPU is powerful enough just to play MW3 / BF3 smoothly.

    If you want to keep this short, please upgrade your motherboard (Socket 1155 / 1156) + CPU (Intel i3 / i5) + Memory (DDR2 > DDR3) + Windows OS 64-Bit If you want smooth game-play and "Stuttering FREE".

    Finally, I already read your posts. But, please don't shoot me! T.T
    I am only trying to help since you wrote this: "Keep in mind, I'm trying not to get new components because in order to upgrade my CPU, I would have to upgrade my mobo and RAM. "
  2. Overclocking the CPU would help.
  3. The effect you describe can also be network related. If it is that then it is out of your control. Also some have reported that BF3 seems to favor the Nvidia driver set. Be sure you have the 12.2 driver and profiles installed. If you do you may try going to the hot fix section and trying the pre-certified 12.2 driver. A number of users have found it more stable than the newer one...go figure?
  4. use driver sweeper to uninstall your previous video card. and reinstall your new gpu drivers again.
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