Raise record inputs volume levels?

Do you know how I can raise the vol level of my internal mic input?
And yes I've got the volume inputs and outputs up to max on Volume Control/Audio Properties -duh!!

This is for my durable dinosaur; Dell 4600i desktop w/xp 2 and integrated sound -NOT a "separate" sound-card.

When I'm trying record or to use Song ID;Tunatic or Midoni, Tunatic says "mic signal too weak" and Midoni records nothing when I run their mic-record/input check. I also adjusted Tunatic mic input.

I just recently lost all audio and had to restore it but before all my sound trouble began (it all started right after I used Skype...why?), I was able to raise record volume w/no problems.

FYI: i've lost and restored all sound/audio in the past, downloading and installing needed drivers (audio,graphics and video drivers) to fix this. When doing this in the past (around 4yrs ago), the last and final driver I always had to install was this crazy Realtek AC97 driver which ALWAYS freaked out my computer....but it would eventually install and all audio would be back to normal giving me full control of "record volume levels" and even access to my SoundMax eq as well!!
Except now losing all audio and restoring it all again (MUCH more difficult this time!!) I've discovered that Dell/Intel have changed the original additional graphics and video drivers so crazy Realtek no longer installs....??

Since this most recent audio loss and restore I had to research and get help w/how to fix and restore my audio (thanks to bookworm at SoftwareTips&Tricks and Falconattack at Major Geeks!!), while doing this I learned pretty quickly how awful Realtek AC97 is so I'm glad to be rid of this driver but what do I do now (besides buying a new computer, obviously) to get more control again of my sound levels and eq?
Is there ANYTHING I could do to get my record input up higher?
Any solution???

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  1. I didn't think desktops had internal microphones.
    On my laptop there was a program that could boost output signals, maybe google around for a similar one for mic input levels?
  2. Yes many pc's and desktops come with internal microphones BUILT IN- DUH!!
    Your response is completely useless. Maybe you mean well or your bored? or want to fell useful by ANY means necessary? This kind of useless response is the biggest problem with internet.
    I just don't get/understand why anyone would respond w/anything but ONLY helpful/useful info???? What's your point?
  3. problem solved. I figured it out myself.

    BEST ANSWER!!!!!
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