Tri-Core with Pentium iiis?

This is going to be one of those n00b ones, I bet...

I picked up three brand-new-looking Pentium iiis at a local Goodwill yesterday for five bucks apeice.

I know that these are some seriously outdated CPUs i'm talking about here, but is there any way to set these up for gaming? I'm posting in the motherboards section because I think that's where I'm going to find my answer.

I have seen server motherboards with multiple CPUs on them... Is there a solution there? Can anyone suggest something for me?

If buying those was a total mistake, then no problemo. But three x 1.4 ghz doesn't sound too shabby to me...


Side note/Totally n00b moment: Could one of the CPUs be set up to work as a separate GPU?
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    Unless they are Xeon chips, they won't work in a multiple socket server board. If I were you I would donate them to Goodwill. As to your side note, CPU's and GPU's are two different animals.
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