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Cougar fan;s ?

Im looking for fans for my system .. I think Ive rooled out led fans as I'd prefer to use a cold cathode or something and just let them be back lit . Ill be needing them for general case ventilation as well as in my rad inclosure . And yes I like the orange . The cfm vs db levels look good so what I'd like/need is input on these and especially if you've had first hand experience with them ... ty in advance all :D
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  1. Im gonna be using a 12x fan controller so the included controllers are'nt neccessary also I dont know if white will work or not and the $ 20.00 a pop price is likely too much as I'll be needing roughly 12 of them .. The specs look very good though . ty for the input
  2. Dun know, ryan said these were a better choice over the cougar fans for a wc setup :)
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    My experience with cougar has been good. Although I'm not sure about this specific fan the ones that come in their cases are nice. If you are afraid to get all 12 then I would just get one test it and if you are happy go and get the rest of them.
  4. Ya Im looking for a 120mm that performs like a noctua w/o the price tag or the coffee and cream color scheme . And as my case will be rotten with fans the led version was going to be over kill . Black or in the casde of the cougars , orange ' would work as I'm leaning towards orange for the internal illumination ... has anyone seen orange cold cathode bars ???
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