Mother board for compatibility of pentium 4 processor

i was using G945GCNL intel original board with p4 3 ghz processor .now motherboard got problems.i want to change and which board wil support for the p4 3.0 ghz processor? pl. suggest
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  1. Rather than spending money on a platform that is so dated, you are better off buying at least new mobo/cpu/ram. I don't know if you are in the US, but you can do it for about $167, including an AM3+ board if so. Putting money into an aging P4 platform doesn't make good use of your money.

    AMD Athlon X3 455:
    Gigabyte 760G:
    4 gb ram:
  2. p4 boards are getting rare. First you need to find out the model of your CPU. Then look at newegg or tiger direct for a socket 775 board.
    This one would probablly work but with out knowing what P4 you have i cant double check.
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