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I am getting ready to buy an Antec SX-1030 case. I wanted to buy 2 xtra fans for it, does anybody know if I need to buy the 3 or 4 pinn 80mm fans?
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  1. The 3-pin connectors plug into the motherboard, and the 4-pin connectors plug into the power supply's wiring harness. The 4-pins will definitely work, and the 3-pins will work only if your motherboard has the extra fan headers on it. I suggest the 4-pin connectors.
  2. The motherboard I am ordering is a Asus A7V133, I dont know if it has xtra spots for power supply pins. Going by this would you still recommend going to the power supply over the mobo. It is a Antec case and 300watt power supply.
  3. A word of caution here, their 300W power supplys are not that good, so depending on what you are going to be running you may need to upgrade the power supply. I have a 1.2Ghz TBird running at 1370mhz with a Sparkle 300W power supply, the Antec 300W power suplpy would not cut it, the computer would not even sucessfully boot with the Antec 300W unit, but the Sparkle unit has had no problems at all. As for the fans, going with the standard 4-pin configuration will be the easiest to set up if the mobo doesn't have enough connectors for 3-pin fans.
  4. I really like the features and the available spots in case for 4 fans of the Antec sx1030. I haven't found a site yet, but does anybody know of a site that might sell the case without the power supply antec sends with it or at least swith it out with a different type of power supply? Or, does anybody have any suggestions on a different case with the same features of this antec case that has a stable power supply? I will be using a AMD 1.2 T-bird.
  5. I agree, Antec makes some sheap chit for power supplies and fans. I would get something like maybe an Enlight or other more respected brand (I like Superpower cases as seen at

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  6. The ASUS A7V133 has a spot for 4 fans. 1 fan connector for power supply (or case fan I would imagine if your ps fan doesn't have a fan lead), 1 fan connector for the case/chassis, 1 fan connector for CPU Fan, 1 fan connector for F_Fan whatever that is, also the F_Fan connector does not monitor the fan rpm's like the other 3 do. I have this board and it is awesome
  7. I have this exact combo Antec SX-1030B SOHO File Server Case, with 300 Watt ATX SmartPower and Asus M/B combo. I would recommend purchasing fans that connect to the powersupply ( two were included with mine) I ordered and additional fan with my case and connected to the m/b it is underperfoming using the ASUS diagnostic tools. FYI It's fairly noisy.
  8. I agree on the antec fans. I had 2 antec case fans, one 80 and on 92mm. I had to replace the 80 cause it sounded worse than a vaccumn cleaner. I still went back with an elcheepo ball bearing I found for $4 bucks .
  9. The F_Fan is actually the input for the fan atop the northbridge, something that doesn't come with KT133 boards, only KT133A. So KT133A's are better for overclocking. I also have this board and am in love with it.

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