MSI HD6950 2gb Crossfire Twin Frozr III PE/OC or MSI Gtx580 lightning

Hello, I'm going to be building a computer next month and was wondering which way to go.

2 in Crossfire



How hot would the 2 6950s get and how much more power would they need?

Also, which option would you choose and why?
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  1. MSI GTX580 Lightning, its a great card, you can't go wrong.
    One card is better than two for heat and power and also for quiter operation.
  2. 2 6950's are faster but I "personally" prefer 1 580 because it runs cooler,quieter and has less power consumption(and gives you the option to add another card later)
  3. +1.6950's are faster but single 580 is better.less consumption,noise,heat etc.i have lightning xtreme 3 gb problems.
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