Sabertooth won't recognise AMD CPU

Hello, I recently built a new computer but I've ran into a problem. From my research on potential fixes for a red light showing up on the motherboard I've found out that I either need to reset my memory which I've did to no avail, I've reset my BIOS which held no results either, and I finally stumbled upon people having the same problem with high end AMD processors and the sabertooth model I'm using. My question to you guys is if there is a way to manually update my motherboard's BIOS when my BIOS screen won't show up on startup. I'm using an old VGA style monitor from a dell insperon with the VGA adapter.

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  1. Hi,
    Download the latest version from ASUS site, unzip, rename, and save it on a FAT formatted USB stick.
    Connect the flash drive to the Flashback USB port.
    Press the Flashback button for 3 seconds.
    The power supply has to be connected and turned on (no need to start the computer).
    Check the manual for how to rename the BIOS file, the locations of the Flashback USB port and the Flashback button.
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