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Hi. iam trying to set up a Belkin ADSL MODEM 802.11g WIRELESS ROUTER F5D7630-4A, "F5D7630-uk4A update" on a 4 meg line.

Set it up no probs, but keeps disconnecting after 5mins, 1hour, when ever it wants!! updated the firware.. read lots of fourms about it. turned it upside down and on its side!! incase of over heating.

some one said i had to forward ports 6881-6889 and also do this to the windows firewall. How do i do this?

'sync flood' Read about "FLOODING" some thing and router getting overloaded, but didnt understand.

Also do i need to set the, "Idle Time (Minute)"

hope you can help?
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  1. also connected my old adsl zoom usb modem amd its been downloading fine for 3/4 hours now!
  2. Are you trying to use BitTorrent? Those ports are used with BitTorrent.

    You might want to block WAN Requests or Disable ICMP requests within the router. Someone might be hitting your router and making is disconnect.

    In almost all cases you can plug in a router and just go without really needing to configure anything.

    If you're using bit torrent and it's not working, you can log into the router and forward those ports. When you open BitTorrent Windows XP firewall shoudl prompt you to Unblock this app, which should allow those ports to work fine. You can check to make sure the problem is unblocked via windows firewall. - Contro Panel - Security Center - Windows Firewall - Exceptions Tab.



    <A HREF="" target="_new"> click here for links to Bit Torrent Port information </A>

    Newer version has 1 additional port opened. Check the FAQ for info on making bit torrent work better over NAT and what ports you need forwarded.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by riser on 05/20/05 11:29 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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