970A-UD3 sysfan2 Noise and speed control

Hi folks,

I'll try to make ask question as simple as possble. I've one 12cm 3pin fan plugged into sysfan1(4 pin)slot, and runs around 900rpm and silently. But whenever i plug 2nd fan(exact same 3pin fan) into sysfan2 (3pin) slot, it runs extremely loud(almost louder than everything in the case) and around 1600rpm, and pisses me off !. What can i do to lower the speed of second fan, or reduce that shitty noise ?
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  1. hello
    U can lower the speed by the BIOS
  2. Thats the problem , i dont know what to do with pc health status tab in bios
  3. your fan is spinning in full speed without fan speed control function because of only 3 pin header.
  4. i couldn't manage to control it, since i im gonna connect more than one fan, i purchased fan controller so that i can control up to 6 3 or 4 pin fans. I'll be able to connect 2 more to up and one to front
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