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hey guys recently I've been looking at new cases and when i look next to were it says "materials:" sometimes it just says "SECC" now what is SECC? is it a steel? is it an aluminium? or is it some other weird type of metal? My main concerns is that this material will be very thin and flimsy causing warping. Also I'm concerned about vibrations and loudness.
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    SECC stand for SECC — Steel, Electrogalvanized, Cold rolled, Coil..
    Usually after SECC come with a size (0.6mm ~1.0mm )

    Mostly I suggest buy something above 0.8mm...
  2. Ok thanks. This is the case I was thinking of getting ( the problem is I cant find a thickness gauge for it anywhere. Even Cooler Masters website doesnt say give the thickness of the metal.
  3. if for the same price I may perfer this

    I don't know how thin you will consider as thin...
    For me the one you choose is acceptable... But for me I like the case have a black coating inside..
  4. That gladiator looks to be 0.8 to my eyes and a few reviews refer to it feeling solid so it shouldn't be a flimsy case if thats what concerns you :)
    @Sonec, bare cases can always be stripped and painte by the owner, although it is nice to have it come already black :P
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