Changing Memory speed

Hello everyone, well met. This is my first post.
My name is George and I am from Greece.
I made a system that consists of amd 8350, m/b gigabyte 990fxa-d3, ram kingston hyperxbeast 2x4gb 1866.
The problem is that my memory does not run at 1866. Can anyone tell me what changes I must make to the bios in order to achieve this?
Thank you
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  1. hello
    your system 32 or 64 bits ?
    do you know about the priority between the slots of RAM ?
  2. windows 8 64bit. The ram is in the first and third slot in order to enable dual channel as per m/b instructions.
    Thank you for your reply.
  3. That thread is about XMP. Being an AMD system, my system does not support XMP. Also I do not know what timings my memory should be configured to in order to achieve 1866. Nor do I know how to change them.
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