Hey, i currently got a GTX470, and i'm gonna buy a GTX550 TI for my sister, now, i got an option to take the 550 for myself and give her the 470, PSU And other components are not a problem (both have good cpu's).

So... Which should i take? 470 Or 550?
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  1. 550 for yourself. What are you planning to use the gpu for?
  2. Heavy gaming, stuff like that.

    Sister gonna use it for more casual, (buying 550 because things allot worse are just 50$'s less expensive)
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    The GTX 470 is stronger than the GTX 550 and comparable with the GTX 560Ti.
    so if you are a gamer take the GTX 470 and give your sister the GTX 550
  4. The 470 is a way more power GPU compared to the 550.
  5. ilysaml,
    Ah, OK. Thanks for clearing this. Told this to myself before, forgot bout that ;p
  6. oh s*** Sorry i got my intel little mixed there, Sorry dude i almost pushed you off a cliff there!
  7. I'm getting the 550 TI in about 1-3 days or so, so that didn't matter anyway :P
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