Maxtor one touch 4 no external drives selected

Does anyone know what to do when a Maxtor One Touch 4 says "No external drives selected" when clicking on the Maxtor Manager icon? It has not been backing up for a while now and I have tried different cables, unplugged it, disconnected it, restarted the computer, shut off the firewall,.... The users guide does not have information for troubleshooting so I am at a complete loss.

Thanks for your help!!!
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  1. If you are using Windows 7 that could be why. The One Touch and the associated software is not Win7 compliant. I had one and ended up cracking the case open, taking the drive out and now it's a backup internal drive on my rig. The casing went in the garbage.

    The interface they use never gor MS approval. You can either use the drive as an internal or put it in another external case that is Win7 approved.
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