GTX 550 Ti Problem

My frnd just bought his new video card today but he is having troubles with this card... He ws going with Ati but as i always preferred nVidia so referred this crd to him too...But he got a CRT monitor and after Installing drivers and EVGA precision when he increase the core clock, cz stock clock is jst 400Mhz... :pfff: , he gets this error..

Out Of Frequency
"HF 106.5khz
VF 85hz

Operating Frequency
HF 30-70 khz
VF 56-160 hz"

His monitor is a Lg 575N studioworks

i think tht the prob is with his monitor but he previously used 9800 gt and it used to run fine...
He is nt planning to upgrade his monitor cz he already spent many bucks on his new crd...
And yeah this error only occurs while increasing the frequencies...Don't knw why stock frequencies r tht much low...!

Any Suggestion would be highly Appreciated...
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  1. try running the card at default setting (no OC). the card will downclock itself when not running any gpu intensive program. its part of the power saving feature built into the card. my GTX460 will downclock from 775mhz to 51mhz when in idle or just running the dekstop interface
  2. @renz496
    Thx 4 ur advice i'll give it a try...
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