Is Intel or AMD more power efficent/run cooler

Hi, debating whether to get a intel or amd. I'm looking for something that is good on power but at the same time and I don't know which brand is more power efficent and runs cooler. Thanks for anything you can tell me.
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  1. What is your budget?

    AMD has better mid-ranged products, while intel costs more but has better quality.
  2. It's Intel easily.

    @jaehwanie that used to be the case before fx/Llano.
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    I agree.
    I would only get an AMD CPU if I was buying a laptop (such as an APU which is a combined CPU and GPU. Even so I'd still get one of the better quad-core APU's. I saw an awesome Lenovo for $600.)

    As for desktops it's a similar situation. If I was building or purchasing a value PC for basic tasks I would simply look for the best value which might still be an APU. You could get an AMD CPU and then addon graphics but unless you are gaming graphics aren't that important.

    *Be more specific and I can point you in the right direction. I know someone who was buying a desktop PC but decided to buy a LAPTOP instead. The Lenovo laptop was $550 plus tax and had a quad-core APU which was so efficient that you couldn't hear the fan in normal usage nor could you feel the heat from the keyboard which is awesome!

    I normally don't recommend laptops as a desktop replacement but I'm a convert with the new quad-core APU's.

    **He used it hooked up to a MONITOR, desktop SPEAKERS, KEYBOARD and MOUSE with the screen OFF and mostly closed. The keyboard/mouse was a logitech combo which used a single micro-usb adapter which could stay in at all times.

    The laptop also had the additional value of a BATTERY (so it wouldn't crash during a power outage), the ability to use it as a second screen (he used it to read instructions while using Photoshop on the main screen). Of course it is also a laptop so he can take it places.

    - state your needs and I'll help more
    - laptop CAN be a great desktop repacement in some cases
    - APU in some cases for price/heat/noise
    - Intel CPU for gaming or demanding tasks (video converting)
  4. If you're talking about 1155 vs. AM3+ (FX and Phenom II), Intel is clearly the winner
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