Benchmarks for HD 5850 xfire

Hi, I'm unsure what to spend my money on, 2x 5850s in Crossfire or a single 6950 BIOS-ed to a 6970, I can't seem to find
benchmark comparisons between the two so was wondering for anyone's advice??

Running currently:

Phenom X4 965 @ 3.62 OC (stable - stock cooler)

Asus Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard

Corsair HX750W PSU

NVidia GeForce 8400

WD 500Gb HDD @ 7500RPM

G.Skill RipJawsX 4gb @ 1437mhz
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  1. I'm running 2 5850s in cf and I can say they are great for gaming. They are getting hard to find so you might want to go with 6950 then add another later.
  2. 5850 pulls significantly more power and heat.
    plus a 6950 is a newer card and is more efficient than the 5xxx series.
    so, my opinion is to go with 6950 and be happy!

    here are some benches for a better idea
    5850cf vs 6950cf

    5850 vs 6950
  3. You'll get better performance from 2 x HD5850 CF, Power consumption will be higher with HD5850 CF.

    The HD6970 will leave you with the option to crossfire later for greater performance, however this may take you over budget (don't know what you budget is)

    Crossfire is fairly hassle free these days so its really down to performance/price/power consumption/heat and upgrade-ability.
  4. As stated above, a pair of HD 5850s in CF will beat a single HD 6970/50 but they will consume a lot of power and will be more noisy.
    There are no reference designed HD 6950s to unlock to a HD 6970, but the non reference designs gives more room for overclocking and run a little cooler and less noise.
    Xbitlabs claims that the Sapphire Toxic HD 6950 is faster than HD 6970 with a little pure overclock, and reviews stated that it has the BIOS of the HD 6970.
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