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Upgrade to 3rd gen processor

Hello, Hello, do I have to update my bios with the old 2nd Gen CPU installed or can i do it one time once the new 3rd Gen cpu is fitted?
I have a asus p8p67 MOBO with an i5 sandy bridge processor and want to change it to an Ivy Bridge i7 3770 processor. how shall i go about it?
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    You need a CPU installed in order to update the BIOS of your motherboard. If your motherboard requires a BIOS update in order to support your new CPU, then it WON'T be able to update the BIOS with the new CPU installed. You must update the BIOS with the already supported CPU, then you can install the new CPU.
  2. The system may not boot with an Ivy Bridge processor without the BIOS update, so I would definitely recommend updating it with your current CPU installed.
  3. to be sure check asus's site for you mobo, they have suuported cpu list there, and usually they also show which bios version supports it
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  5. You must update the BIOS with the already supported CPU.

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