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I just built a new system, and made some simliar upgrades / tweaks to an existing system and both are having the same issue.

When i insert a USB flash drive into either system, Windows is not recognizing the device.

I have tried 2 different USB devices and neither work. I have used both of these devices in other computers so i know they both function.

The common changes that I have made to both systems are: installed an OCZ Vertex 3 120gb SSD and a fresh installation of Windows 7 on both computers (no other hard drives are currently connected)

I have even gone into the disk management but the USB flash drives do not appear.

What do i need to do to get Windows 7 to recognize these flash drives?
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  1. Check if your flash drive works.
  2. Its unlikely, but check if the headers are in for the front USB.

    Try all the ports.

    Are u trying the USB3 port and drivers are not installed?
  3. USB ports are all powered. In the system that i upgraded I unplugged my originally HDD that had Windows Vista 64bt on it. When this drive was originally installed the USB flash drives worked fine. Once i unplugged this hard drive and installed the SSD and Windows 7 the flash drive was no longer recognized. All Windows 7 updates have been done and all motherboard drivers are up to date.

    The other rig had Windows XP and a HDD in it and the USB flash drive worked fine in that as well.

    The only common denominator in both systems that i changed was swapping out the HDD for SSD and install fresh copies of Windows 7.

    I have tried all the USB ports on front and back of both systems. Even unplugging mouse and keyboard ones that i know work. Still does not register.
  4. What is your mobo...
  5. Asus P8Z68-Pro V Gen 3
    other is
    XFX 680i
  6. And did u check if your flash drive actually works.
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