ATI Drivers help???

I have GPU:
ATI Radeon HD 4850 PowerColor 1 GB, 256bit.
I would like to ask someone who knows to explain me how can I get the ,,LATEST" drivers for this graphic card. And tell me how that drivers will help in games. When I bought PC (ABOUT A YEAR AGO) I got a CD with drivers for my graphic card. Can that CD help?... Pls help me if you know :(
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  1. Just go to and select your gpu then you os then get the latest drivers.
  2. Hey, use the link below and fill in the info, then download and install the driver

    New drivers usually contain bug fixes, support for new games aswell as performance improvements.
  3. yes that CD it can help, but it doesn't have the latest driver.
    the latest drivers help optimize the performance of the GPU, here is the latest driver for your HD 4850 assuming that you use winxp

    if you use win7 here's a link
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