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Hi guys!

I was hoping some of you might guide me if there is a better motherboard or if you think this would be a good combination.

I am going to get a Intel Core i5 3570K.

I have read some reviews and on here and have found that the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Socket 1155 VGA DVI HDMI 7.1 Channel audio ATX Motherboard would seem to be a good choice for what i want.

I am not looking to overclock I just want a pc that will be good for playing most games at a fairly high performance and just generally fast performance at reasonable price.

I should also add I have the Fractal Design R4 case.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Many thanks!
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  1. Better motherboard? well generally the more features that you want, the better it is for you

    you can spend $20 or $200 on a motherboard, the performance will be exactly the same.

    the Extreme 4 is a good choise and it's on the latest Z77, so why not?

    You know just having an i5 3570k wont give you good gaming performance... at all

    you need a graphics card, I don't mean to insult your intelligence but I see some people spending $X,XXX on a "gaming" computer and think an i7 is all you need and don't even bother with a graphics card XD
  2. No thats great thanks! Was not insulted I had in my head to start off getting a good base of a computer reasonably priced but has some oomph with the ability to keep upgrading the graphics card as I needed however just had not researched that one yet :)
  3. The ASRock Extreme4 is a great board and my usual z77 recommendation. As for gpus, the 7850 2GB is a great value.
  4. ASRock Z77 Pro3 is really well priced as well at the moment, USB, loads of slots, nice cooler PCB, Z77, loads of fan headers, good I/O, supports SLi/Crossfire, all that good shet.

    3570k is good aswell like you mentioned but if you're just going for like a 7850 like mentioned above, get an i3 3220, half the price of the 3570k and same gaming performance until you get up to like a 7950/GTX 670 (you can always swap out the CPU easily at a later date)
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