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COD-BO/Crysis2/Portal2/Dues Ex HR

My Config :

Phenom 2 955BE
Cooler Master TX3 Heat Sink
R6770 1GB Graphics
MSi 880GM E35 Mobo
Cabinet : Cooler Master

I'm playing COD BLack Ops on 1280X1024 resolution but getting freezes.

Crysis 2 works like a charm.

Am i missing something ? or is COD BO a super heavy game ?

I'm also running Bit Defender Total Security 2012 on Game mode in the background - should this be a bottleneck ?
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  1. I would try disabling bit defender just to eliminate! Your specs are fine for the game.
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    Crysis 2 is going to tax your system a lot more than Black Opps. Have you updated steam lately , it seems like every time I have trouble with Black Opps it because of the steam platform and in some cases I have had to even uninstall steam and then reinstall it.
  3. so its the Steam Engine, great, BTW i finished the game already ... but will probe the solution.
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