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Hi all!
My motherboard is asus m5a78l-m lx and there arent any versions of the applications and drivers except the audio , lan and acpi for windows 8 and i was wondering - should i use thoose and will they even work on my pc ? (i think atleast the epu driver is supposed to work on every board with epu chip but idk and thats why im asking)
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  1. Visit the Asus website and you can download all the latest drivers through the support link.
  2. Hi warhead0,
    when i enter the asus support site - the only way for me to download drivers and appliactions for my motherboard is by finding it and clicking the download tab , then i have to select the OS and that appears- there are no apps and chipset,epu drivers and etc.. (the asus apps are supposed to be in the utilities section - aand theres only 1 thing wich is the acpi driver) and here you can see that there are all the apps i have on my dvd and they arent working on windows 8 (geting error message when i try to install em that the OS isnt supported) thats why i asked if the epu driver and the apps for m5a99x evo are going to work for my system.
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