System reboots on start of Deus Ex HR

Recently built/upgraded my computer. Specs:

CPU: AMD FX Quad core Black edition 3.6GHz (Bulldozer)
Graphics: XFX HD 6879 1Gb DDR5
RAM: Corsair vengeance 2 x 4Gb 1600MHz
PSU: ThermalTake TR2 700W
Windows 7 Pro 64Gb

Then a 30Gb SSD, 1Gb HDD and a dvd writer, must admit, can't find the details for them, these were kept from the old build.

I have run Assasins creed off my SSD with no issues(after upgrading all drivers, a few crashes before that) but when I try to run Deus Ex human Revolution The system reboots when I click on the icon.

I have had a look around and followed advice I can find including disabling DX11 and dropping graphic settings but it still reboots. My system is not overclocked(thought i'd get it stable first) and I have run prime95 for 3 hours with no untowards temperatures. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. Oh, after much reading I finally managed to get to the bottom of the issue. Very well hidden but turns out AMD bulldozer cpus are suspect. Major problems with compatability with many games, random cpu freezes, crashes, reboots. Updated to an even newer bios(updated last night as well) and the game runs, probs just for the 30 mins other people can run these games for. So waiting to hear back from AMD if this is fixable or if it is going to have to be a replacement cpu, not what I expected from any big company. I'm disappointed with them.
  2. Did you ever get it running? I too am running bulldozer and I get the same problem.
  3. JAnkeny said:
    Did you ever get it running? I too am running bulldozer and I get the same problem.

    Yes, I had to reflash the motherboard bios, not something to do likely because if for any reason your computer crashes our there is a power cut your motherboard is scrap, sorry there is no easy fix. If you aren't comfortable doing it do look around for another way but every other advice I got recommended this.

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