Problem whit starcraft 2 and 9400gt

Hi , i have a problem whit the starcraft replays.It says to me :

"The videocard is not accessible because no display drivers are installed, another 3D application
has exclusive access or the machine was locked. Please close any 3D applications or games and try starting StarCraft II again. "

I can play the game without any problem , but i can not watch the replays at all.I use to have the betta befor 6-7 monts and have watch the repleys , but now i can't. I have GeForce 9400 GT , have download the latest drivers from the site , but it makes no difrent.Please help me.
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  1. Did you try unistalling and then reinstalling the game?
    I would try that first
  2. If that only happens with StarCraft II then you have a problem with the game itself...
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