Rear Jack Detection Problem on Asus M4A77T !?

Hi, i have a problem with my sound card VIA VT1708S - Rear Jack Detection not working and respectively no sound with new drivers from version v7300a. My Motherboard is Asus M4A77T, OS: Windows 7 64 bit. With the very old version of driver - v7300a sound in the rear speakers have, but the problem remains with jack detection. I attach a picture of the problem and hope you help me with this issue...

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  1. HI, It might be a contact issue. Have you tried inserting a different jack in that connector?
  2. I tried, but unfortunately the result is the same...
  3. Then the jack port might got broken. An option would be using an audio card. Or using the remained ports and not having 5.1
  4. Jack works but with driver three years ago. New drivers automatically stop signal to the jack is not active, as in my case, with rear speakers. My thought is to deceive under software so that jack is active, so I can use the new drivers who have a lot of improvements and provide better sound quality. Exactly this way trying to find and I am sure it will solve my problem, but I do not know how to do it, I think it can be done in registry...
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