What cpu cooler? air vs water?

I’m building a new pc as soon as ivy bridge is released and I’m going to be over clocking but I don’t know what cpu cooler to get, i like the look of the corsair h60 water cooler, but I’m not sure if that is the best for the money. Any ideas?

i have a cm storm enforcer case and if you recommend water cooling it needs to be a 120mm fan and radiator.

cheers tom.
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  1. The better air coolers in the same price range as H60 can usually outperform it.
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  3. It's a pretty good choice. Maybe one notch below the Frio... still competitive with the H60.
  4. What kind of overclocking are we talking about? How high? I suggest you start off with a 212+, then move over to the higher end stuff. Higher end, meaning a custom water cooling loop.
  5. i would like to get up to about 4ghz, do you think that the 212+ would handle that the air flow in my case is very good (200mm intake, 200mm top exhaust and 120mm rear exhaust) also my room is never warmer than 20 degrees.
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