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I've seen a couple of forums that say constantly spinning up and shutting down (i.e. turning your comp off) of the hard drive will degrade the hard drive's life. Any thoughts on this? I routinely hibernate my PC and wonder if this will have any diverse effects on it's life and/or performance.

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  1. Man, do you have any idea of how much time a hard drive lasts?
    The mtbf of a hard drive is greater than 50000 hours!
    To reach that mark you would have to leave your computer on (without turning it off!)more than 5 years in a row!
    If it degrades somewhat, say a year for example, you would still have 4 years of usage! Can you guess what´s 4 years in
    computer´s time?
    2 years maximum and your hard-drive is completely obsolete
    and you´re going to buy a new and better one!
    "What about my programs and files?What happens to them if the drive fails? " you ask!
    Well, usualy smart people make backup copies of their
    important files and programs!
    The bottom line is : "Who cares if the hard-drive ´s life is reduced!"
    The important question is:"Will i be able to recover my files if something happens to my hard-drive?"

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  2. Yes, it is true that it's better to keep your hard drive spinning all the time than to have it spin up and down constantly. The spinning up and down does more wear and tear to the drive.

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