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HDD spin up/down

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February 10, 2001 8:55:48 PM

I've seen a couple of forums that say constantly spinning up and shutting down (i.e. turning your comp off) of the hard drive will degrade the hard drive's life. Any thoughts on this? I routinely hibernate my PC and wonder if this will have any diverse effects on it's life and/or performance.

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February 10, 2001 10:13:24 PM

Man, do you have any idea of how much time a hard drive lasts?
The mtbf of a hard drive is greater than 50000 hours!
To reach that mark you would have to leave your computer on (without turning it off!)more than 5 years in a row!
If it degrades somewhat, say a year for example, you would still have 4 years of usage! Can you guess what´s 4 years in
computer´s time?
2 years maximum and your hard-drive is completely obsolete
and you´re going to buy a new and better one!
"What about my programs and files?What happens to them if the drive fails? " you ask!
Well, usualy smart people make backup copies of their
important files and programs!
The bottom line is : "Who cares if the hard-drive ´s life is reduced!"
The important question is:"Will i be able to recover my files if something happens to my hard-drive?"

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