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Hy everyone, im building a new PC and i need to decide between these 2 Motherboards, this will be my rig:

intel core i5 3570k
kingston hyperx 2x4gb 1600 mhz
evga nvidia gtx 670 ftw edition
seagate barracuda 2tb hardrive
corsair cx 750W

Gigabye B75M-D3V

I live in Cuba, the Motherboards listed cost around $140, these are the only ones available at this price here, I cant buy online so I need an advice about these Motherboards and only these ones.
Im sorry about my english, I thank you in advance.
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  1. Both of the boards you linked are similar. Both boards are micro ATX which limits you to one GPU but thats not really that bad if you only will use one GPU.

    Both boards have UEFI BIOS which is nice feature.

    The only difference is the ASUS board will support higher RAM sppeds. That 1600 kinston RAM may not work with the Gigabyte board.

    I would go with the ASUS board.
  2. According to the info on the Gigabyte site, this motherboard supports 1600 mhz when using an ivy bridge processor. So, in terms of build quality which should I pick, the Asus or the Gigabyte????
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    I would go with the ASUS board
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  5. Thanks for the answers, I'll get the ASUS.
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