Fitting Bitfenix Spectre pro 200mm into Storm Enforcer

I cant seem to fit this fan into the top of my storm enforcer case. I can "force" it into the case but none of the screw slots line up so right now its kind of just sitting there (not falling down)... although i obviously prefer it being secured.

If it cant fit (not sure why it wouldnt since it says it allows a 200mm one), which 200mm fan is suggested?
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  1. The thing with 200 and 230mm fans, is that there is NO industry standard for the fan size. Stating 200mm, can mean 2 things. The blades are 200mm (meaning the mounting holes are wider), or that the mounting holes are 200mm diagonally (usally this means that the fan blades are ~180mm).

    Your best bet would be to try to shift and/or turn the fan so that some of the screws line up.

    EDIT: Please see your manual page 11:
    It should work...
  2. I tried lining it up on the outside of the case and could get it lined up, but the metal sheet that holds the motherboard prevents it being put that far into the case. I guess cutting some of the parts off on the fan would let it fit.

    Right now i have it in the case by turning it so one of the corners is resting in a hole and i had to pull the edge of my case up slightly to pop in 1 of the edges and then let go. Doesn't seem to fall out, but i don't want to force something to fit.

    I've ordered 2x 120mm fans (read around and some people suggest them over a 200mm). I might try moving the BitFenix fan to the front and the front fan to the top and see how that turns out.
  3. Hey soulchief did you ever find out if switching them works I'm about to try... Would save me a lot of time and effort. Thanks Rick
  4. This fan does NOT fit this case, even if you were directed to it by someone who claims the dimensions all work out fine. This is not true as you and myself have clearly discovered. This may hold true for the front but definitely not to be used as an exhaust which makes me question if it would fit the front or not. The problem with the dimensions being that the fan's encasement is so ridiculously designed that those fancy little suckers are just off by a milimeter or 2...or 3...The top of the SE case has this lip that gets in the way of this pesky but amazing looking fan. Let me warn you also that the fan is really not as great as least for me. It is not as cool as a generic one I had in previously. Which were the same dimensions as they had listed for this case fan...HENCE WHY I PURCHASED IT.

    Edit: Please note that prior to utterly destroying the warranty on the fan by chipping away the oversized corners that restrict the fans dimensions, i tried just about everything to try and get the thing to fit passed the lip of the case. The only other solution I found was to bend the lip out of the way but i wasn't about to do that to my beautiful case. That would have been just wrong. I rather opt into modifying the fans encasement instead. There could be a way but I didn't figure it out while I attempted to bypass the odds.

    The solution? Go to work on that ! Find the location that gets in the way of that lip (positioned properly of course...I kind of was too enraged that they tried too hard on its design so I wasn't paying attention when I modified it LOL When you find that pesky corner, saw enough off that will allow the clearance you need. The clearance it should have specified in the description. "Additional dimensions: PESKY CORNERS THAT MAKE THIS FANS DIMENSIONS A TOTAL LIE FOR MANY CASES." Would be perfect with a little warning that says, "To avoid wasting time and/or money to return the thing, you may need additional tools for installation. These tools include but aren't limited to the following: Saw, Nail file, hammer, torch, or a rope (in case you just want to end the suffering then and there.)"

    On a serious note, this fan looks amazing especially the LED in green. It is pretty bright and lights the case up but not too bright that it is blinding. The only way I can think of that this will fit as exhaust in this case is if they got lucky and got one that was a bit off on it's intended dimensions. Those lucky heathens...

    I hope this helped any. I broke a few nail-clippers and failed to file the corners down, only to have to slowly saw at it with a knife which caused me to maim myself a little but in the long run I was not about to wait a week for a return to be accepted and then an additional week for the replacement to arrive. Nope.
  5. That is true what Deren has said; pretty much read my mind and felt my feelings:) I bought the 200m version in Blue LED to replace my front fan on the CM Enforcer case. It fits the holes alright bit you can't put the front lid back on after installing it; those funny triple holes slots on each side are just too big, wide and unnecessary.
    Yes, pretty much the only way would be to cut those side features without damaging the fan. Even while trying to install it as a top exhaust, it just won't fit in.
    Nevertheless, I must say that it is a great fan in itself with the unique fluid dynamic bearing (which is what I really love about it!)
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