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Hey guys this is my first build.
I recently bought a ASUS P8Z77-V LX motherboard and it appears that one of the pins in the cpu socket is bent.

Is this severe enough to ruin it?, should I return it?
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  1. If it's easy to return, I would. If you have to go through ASUS RMA, wow, that's a tough call. Been there, have felt that pain...

    Personally, I'd get out a hefty magnifier, a couple good lights, and my dental tools. Make sure it's not a piece of lint or something first. If it really is a bent pin, some careful work with a tiny hook might help, but you're just as likely to break the pin as actually fix it.

    Good luck, whichever route you take!
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    Asus policy is not to RMA boards with bent pins, they will not be covered, you'll have to pay for repair/fix the bent pins from them.
    You could just try to fix it yourself.
  3. Well this build will take another 3 months to finish, I looked at the pin with a magnifying glass and noticed it was silver as opposed from gold, not really sure if its supposed be like that. It really stinks I can't return it since it came like this out of the box!!!!, Oh well I guess the only thing I can do is see if it boots before I try anything else.
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