Powerup problem P67H2-A2 SLI Post Code 55

I'm having the same problem that da300709 had, and I specifically purchased memory right off the list of memory for this motherboard from the manufacturer ECS website.
Memory: Kingston KHX1866C9D3K2/8GX.
I currently have the motherboard out of the can, on top of it's shipped box. Power Supply: StarTech 850W Model APE-1000X Plus(A/PFC). CPU is inserted: i5-3350P LGA1155. Power supply 6 pin connector is in ATX12 slot, 24 pin connector is in ATX1 slot Fan is on CPU, power-up with no memory...Get the 3 beeps with Post of 19, but when I add 1 stick of memory in DDR3_2 slot, where it's suppose to go, and power-up again, I go from Post 19 then to Post 55 and that's where it stays. Post 55 says "Memory not installed".
What's going on? I can't get past this Post code of 55. Someone please help!!!
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  1. Hi, Is there a graphics card installed (the CPU has no integrated graphics)?
    I can't find the CPU on the Support List. A BIOS update might be needed.
  2. Please update the BIOS which support Intel Ivy bridge CPU. Please see the below link for more information:


    However, you need to have Intel Sand bridge CPU in order to update the BIOS.
  3. Thanks for all your input. Turns out the solution: The motherboard I got did not support Ivy Bridge CPU. Therefore the post error of 55. I contacted ECS and they had me ship my motherboard back and sent me a new one that supports the Ivy Bridge CPU. They said they were in the process of pulling all their motherboards that did not support both Sand and Ivy Bridge CPU's.
    Thanks again for input.
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