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Well i have a lame inspiron 531s (yes it's slim) with a measly 250 watt psu. I dont want to build or buy a new rig since i dont play the latest demanding games, so far iv'e been running a PNY Geforce 210 for about 5-6 months with no problem, but i really want to upgrade, and it would be really nice if anyone could refer me to a link of where to get a new psu (has to fit a slimline case) and a good low profile gpu my budget being $100.
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  1. about the athena psu i agree 100% about the posting in another section... thank you for pointing it out lol
  2. Are you saying you want to get both a power supply and video card for $100? First of all the only place you will get an upgraded power supply would be Dell , if they even have one. Second this card would be an upgrade;

    After rebate it is $49.99 and you will need a 300w power supply;
  3. sorry for not being clear on that, what i meant was that i had a $100 budget for the video card and any psu for under $80
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