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I bearly come here unless i need help with something. I have been recieving emails from here about diferant ranks ive been getting so i assumed my acount was active. When i tried to log in on the account i have/had it for some reason will not let me. I came for help and figured ide come ask a the question i needed to know and then be done in 5 min. its been almost an hour of comfirming this and that, typing in new passwords & such only to finaly give up and create a new account. When i try to log in on my other acount it says that it no longer exists or has been suspended. Idky it would of been suspended but i had to creat a new acount, new email blah blah blah just to place this. Can someone help please so i can just use what i had all set up already? Sorry if my spelling & grammer hurts your eyes
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  1. What was your old user login?
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