Internet speed SEVERELY slowed on all 3 pcs!

I usually get 300kb/sec download and now i get 20kb/sec.

i tried reformatting everything on all 3 pcs
tried a new modem
tried a new router
tried with just connected to modem

my isp is saying it can possibly be a capacity issue. but i usually got 2mb-3mb and i pay for 3mb then all of the sudden one day its 20kb/sec...
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  1. i found something in my router logs called DoS attack: STORM
  2. if your getting hit with a DOS, then that would and will slow your internet down to a crawl... That is the point of them... In your situation, I would unplug the router for 30 minutes, and then plug it back in.

    Sounds like someone has a hold of your IP and is beating it to a pulp... unplugging it will return a host unreachable to who ever is slamming you and after 30 minutes of host unreachable, maybe they will give up... Or as the ISP to issue you a new IP address.
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