Will applying thermal paste like this reduce it's effectiveness?

If I applied it to the heatsink instead of the CPU, and smoothed it out with a business card?
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  1. A small dot should be enough.
  2. Picture would speak louder.
  3. I would not do that, because the area of the CPU cooler is larger than the CPU itself, since it has to fit more different CPU's.

    So it would be easy to get it on to the outside edge of the CPU.
  4. Somehow I assumed it was aftermarket cooler ....
  5. You don't need to get paste to the outside edges of the heatspreader, the processors tend to be in the central area so thats the 'important' part to cover,
    but yes, you can use a business card or any non-conductive item to spread the paste, onto the chip, not the Hs

    This is Spire sp700 paste spread with a card, very,very thinly :P
  6. Sorry for the late replay. It's a CM V8 with Intel I2500k. It's either this way or putting a vertical line on the CPU. I don't want to mess around with spreading it with a bag on the CPU and I don't want to get any paste on the edges of the CPU either with the business card either.
  7. & Im using artic silver 5 thermal compound
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