Should my back fan be blowing in or out ? I have Zalman 9500 as cpu...

I don't know if it makes any difference, but my cpu cooler is a zalman 9500, which only blows on way.


My back fan , I THINK, is blowing air in, but I cannot tell.

Can you go by where the wire is on the fan plastic frame ? If it's on the back, then it goes that way ?
Or the logo on the fan ? Is that supposed to be facing the back ?
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  1. one way *
  2. Wet your finger and hold it by the fan. Air is hitting the cold side. Your Zalman should blow at your case fan, and your case fan should blow out. Send heat out of the case.
  3. yes there is some air coming out the back

    I can't really tell,

    maybe that's just the blowback ?
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